“RSFit has been a life saver for me.  Literally!  I was an overweight, out of shape, couch potato with high blood pressure.  The passion that Rachel has to be fit and healthy has overflowed into me.  I thank her for everything she has inspired me to do!”
Laurie Elliott

“I started working out with Rachel in October of 2010.  I have got to say that I never thought that I would actually stick with it, but here we are nearly 6 months later.

I have found that I am much stronger, I have more energy and my husband loves my new shape.  I have also become more confident in myself and love my results.  I have collar bones again!

During my last Dr. checkup, I was asked if I had made some kind of New Year Resolution.  After explaining that I was working out 5 times a week and watching what I ate more carefully, my doctor agreed that I was definitely getting good results and agreed that I could stop taking my high blood pressure medicine that I had been taking for over 5 years.

Thank you Rachel for helping me find myself again.”

Challi Pullen


“I can’t say enough for Rachel’s program.  I was so out of  shape when I started taking her classes.  In her 60 day UCAN Challenge, I lost 18 lbs and 17 inches.  But the most impressive thing she did for me was get me in shape.  My bloodwork numbers are now great and my blood pressure is 112/78.  I feel better, sleep better, and I eat better.   If you follow her program, you are guaranteed great results.”

Jodie Ramer


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